Compensate & neutralize

Compensate & neutralize

Get involved in climate protection with the BayWa Carbon Projects

On the one hand, our compensation and neutralization projects set new standards for regional environmental and climate commitment with the  Naturacker and the Klimawald. In this way, you make a positive contribution to achieving national and global climate targets. On the other hand, unavoidable emissions can be offset with our high-quality nature- and technology-based CO2 certificates. In order to ensure the best possible trustworthiness, our projects go through the BayWa Carbon Select selection process.


Our international climate protection projects

International CO2 certificates make it possible to quantify positive climate effects of a project in terms of one ton of CO2 equivalent. They thus serve as proof of the actual contribution of climate protection projects to the avoidance or neutralization of greenhouse gases and at the same time help to promote sustainable development. Our portfolio comprises a careful selection of both nature- and technology-based projects of premium quality.

Combayn Carbon

Nature-based projects

International CO2 certificates from nature-based projects are an important component for financing effective global environmental and climate protection measures. On the one hand, these projects focus on avoiding emissions by promoting the protection of forests, for example. In addition, nature-based projects support the removal of CO2 from the air. One example is the reforestation of areas with new tree stands.

Technology projects

Technology and socially based projects

In technology-based projects, we rely on renewable energies such as solar power, wind power and geothermal energy to reduce the use of fossil fuels and avoid CO2 emissions. At the same time, a number of projects achieve a social impact by bringing about positive change and development in communities. Other projects use innovative carbon capture technologies to extract CO2 from the air, store it safely or recycle it.

Our regional environmental services

Climate change also poses major challenges for our native forests, moors and fields. That is why we need to join forces at the regional level and actively support projects that promote environmentally and climate-optimized land management. With your commitment, you are making a significant contribution to meeting national and global climate targets in line with the Contribution Claim model.

BayWa Carbon Services Naturacker

BayWa Carbon Services I Naturacker

By investing in the Naturacker, you become part of a transformation in agriculture. Through strictly monitored measures in the area of humus build-up and the creation of biodiversity areas such as flowering strips, you make a significant contribution to climate protection, increased biodiversity, disaster prevention and reduced use of conventional fertilizers.

BayWa Carbon Services Klimawald

BayWa Carbon Services I Klimawald

The Climate Forest program is based on a code with clearly defined goals for sustainable national forest management. By investing in the climate forest, you set the necessary incentives for an ecologically, economically and socially compatible reconstruction and conversion of our regional forests towards more climate protection and biodiversity.

house in nature

We are constantly expanding our environmental and compensation services portfolio

Find out more about currently implemented environmental and climate projects and new environmental and compensation services added to the portfolio under News.

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