International Climate Projects
Regional Climate Engagement
  • International Climate Projects

    With an investment in international climate protection projects, you officially offset your unavoidable CO2 emissions. Our portfolio consists of a preselected and tested selection of high-quality projects.

  • Regional Climate Engagement

    Make a contribution to achieve the national and global Net Zero goals based on the Contribution Claim Model with our regional environmental and climate projects in agriculture and forestry.

  • Best-Practice & Consulting

    Our team of experts supports you in the key steps to fulfill your climate strategy through best practice approaches and tailor-made consulting services.

BayWa Carbon Services / Because Trust Matters

With our product and service portfolio, we accompany you as a trustworthy partner on the way to fulfill and anchor a credible climate strategy

Siemens & BayWa

NEWS: Siemens and BayWa are promoting CO2-optimized production

The technology company Siemens and BayWa AG are jointly promoting CO2-optimized industrial production. As part of a pilot project, the two companies are linking the Siemens software for emissions management Sigreen with the BayWa software for offsetting emissions BayWa Carbon Connect.

Your challenges are also our challenges:

As a company, how do I deal with the increasing complexity of climate engagement?

  • Decarbonization or Offsetting

    Decarbonization or Offsetting

    BayWa's principle is: "Avoid before reduce before compensate". It is a fine line to find the right balance between your own measures and external climate commitment. With our balanced portfolio, we support you in overcoming this challenge.

  • Compensation market under criticism

    Compensation market under criticism

    The voluntary compensation market is often criticized. The key is high quality and correct communication. We respond to this with extensive expertise, strict testing processes and transparency. Let's realize effective climate commitment together!

  • Climate Crisis

    Climate Crisis

    In view of the advancing climate crisis, financial support for climate protection projects is urgently needed. Every contribution to limiting global warming to 1.5°C counts. We invite you to be part of this important effort.

  • International vs. Regional Climate Protection

    International vs. Regional Climate Protection

    We support every form of climate commitment, be it international, regional or an individual mix. However, there are differences in terms of eligibility and proper communication. We would be happy to explain this to you.

  • Quality of Climate Projects

    Quality of Climate Projects

    At BayWa, we have been successfully overcome the challenges of dealing with the quality of climate protection projects for years. In order to identify high-quality projects that are suitable for your requirements, we proceed on the basis of a specially developed selection process.

  • Dealing with Net Zero Claims

    Dealing with Net Zero Claims

    "Climate-neutral", "Net-Zero" and "CO2-compensated" - which is correct? The terms are used differently depending on the decarbonization strategy and supported projects. We would be happy to help you choose the right claims for your company.

A trusted partner:

Benefit from our services and products as well as practical expertise.

Our comprehensive expertise and consulting skills, which are based on many years of development and implementation of BayWa's own sustainability strategy, makes us the ideal partner for fulfill and communicate your climate engagement. Our wide range of products and services offers you a variety of solutions and options to meet your climate strategy. It also reflects our conviction "avoid before reduce before compensate".

Best-Practice and Consulting

1. Best-Practice and Consulting

Our expertise and experience supports you effectively in building knowledge for the increasingly important area of ​​sustainability, in fulfilling your climate strategy and communicating your climate engagement. With proven best practice approaches and various consulting services in the context of e.g. GHG accounting, decarbonization and compensation strategies as well as the use of net zero claims, we will find solutions for your individual challenges together.

Green Electricity

2. Green Electricity

With our green electricity certificates of origin, you receive a creditable reduction in your corporate Scope 2 (Insetting) emissions. By using electricity from renewable energies, you cover your energy needs and make an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gases in the energy sector. With a clear country and technology focus, we rely on projects with a trustworthy background.

Realize an Internal CO2-Price

3. Realize an Internal CO2-Price

We help you to implement an Internal CO2-Price Program and offer you the right software solution with BayWa Carbon Connect. With our support, you can introduce an internal CO2-Price and thus implement your climate strategy with a clear focus. Our software enables you to optimally manage your carbon price program and helps you to optimize the use of resources.

International und regional

4. International und regional Climate Projects

Rely on our high-quality CO2-Certificates from climate protection projects to neutralize and offset your unavoidable CO2 emissions. Get involved in our regional environmental and climate projects and contribute to the achievement of national and global climate goals according to the contribution claim model. Our specially developed BayWa Carbon Select Process sets new standards in terms of quality and trustworthiness for the selection and provision of environmental and climate projects.

From practice for practice: BayWa AG at our side

As part of BayWa AG with its 100 years of expertise, a clearly anchored climate strategy and innovative sustainability work, BayWa Carbon Services offers you more than just qualitative products and sound advice. We additionally transfer the experience of an established company, which deals with topics such as GHG balance, sustainable finance, EU taxonomy, ESG ratings as well as the assessment of opportunities and risks in climate engagement on a daily basis, to the design of your individual sustainability strategy.

Would you like to advance your climate strategy with us?

We look forward to a first exchange with you.