Understand & communicate

Developing effective climate protection properly through expertise

UNDERSTANDING: Our aim is not only to support companies in fulfilling their climate strategy and developing their climate commitment, but also to continuously increase the understanding of climate management, especially the relevance for their own business. 

COMMUNICATING: We are committed to ensuring that climate protection is not viewed as an isolated investment. We are convinced that a holistic approach with sound and targeted communication is crucial to avoid possible greenwashing discussions, to successfully address target groups, and at the same time to make a sustainable contribution to climate protection.

We accompany you on your way to fulfill your climate strategy

Our team of experts supports you in the key steps to fulfill your climate strategy through best-practice approaches and tailored consulting services.

  • contact

    1. Contact and enter into exchange

    quite simply via our contact form.

  • THG-Bilanz

    2. Create transparency about your current carbon footprint.

    We review your current THG balance based on our many years of experience and, if required, support you in preparing a THG balance for the first time.

  • Activity analysis

    3. Analyse your current climate activities

    Together we analyze your current decarbonization and compensation strategy in terms of effective and holistic climate management and work out possible optimization potentials.

  • target group

    4. Identify target group-specific climate engagement.

    We accompany and advise you in selecting the right climate engagement measures to suit your target group and your climate goals.

  • Effect development

    5. Assess effect on business

    Based on our many years of experience, we work with you to identify the potential effects of your planned measures on, for example, customer relations, image enhancement and sustainable finance, and incorporate these findings individually into our process.

  • communication

    6. Communicate correctly and effectively

    As an essential step, we actively support you in the correct classification of claims to your climate activities and accompany you in the creation of communication strategies in the context of climate commitment.

Would you like to advance your climate strategy with us?

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