Our success stories

These and other customers are already writing their personal sustainability story supported by BayWa Carbon Services

Factory Amberg

Emission offsetting on a PCF basis for the Amberg factory

Siemens is committed to international and regional climate protection as part of a pilot project.

As part of a pilot project, Siemens and BayWa are linking the Siemens Sigreen emissions management software with BayWa's BayWa Carbon Connect emissions offsetting software. In the process, Siemens offsets the CO2 emissions that were emitted during the project period from Jan. 1, 2023, to Dec. 31, 2023, through the production of selected products of the Simatic S7-1500 family at the Siemens site in Amberg. The emissions of the supply chain up to the factory gate ("cradle-to-gate") are taken into account here. For the joint pilot project, Siemens relied exclusively on high-quality projects in which CO2 is stored. The offsetting that can be accounted for takes place on the basis of an international reforestation project. An additional regional commitment to the Naturacker supports the fulfillment of national climate targets in line with the Contribution Claim and promotes environmental and climate protection on the company's doorstep. In the run-up, the Amberg electronics plant has demonstrably reduced CO2 by 49% between 2015 and 2022 and has set itself the goal of being CO2-neutral by 2026. Emissions from the supply chain are also being reduced with a wide range of measures.

Kann GmbH

Emission compensation from the production of paving stones

KANN GmbH successfully uses the new offer of our international CO2 certificates

Together for climate protection, KANN GmbH and Combayn take the next step. Based on the trusting cooperation of the last years in the field of climate projects, the entire production of KANN GmbH Baustoffwerke was compensated for the year 2022 with the purchase of high-quality international CO2 certificates. "We have already been in exchange with the team from Combayn for two years due to our connection to BayWa. We were particularly convinced by how our needs were addressed and how quickly action was then taken." Mr. Frank Wollmann, Member of the Management Board, KANN Baustoffwerke GmbH. KANN manufactures paving stone systems for streets and squares, slabs, palisades, steps and wall systems for garden and landscape design using state-of-the-art production processes. 


Unique major project

with the Federal Association of German Cooperative Banks (BVR)

One million trees for climate protection: Combayn is a technology partner in the climate initiative of around 800 Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken. Following successful further development, our Combayn platform was made available to the BVR for the nationwide "Roots" tree planting campaign. Banks and other organizations in the Cooperative Financial Network have the opportunity to order tree seedlings and have them planted in various forest areas throughout Germany. The collection, logistical distribution, and processing are based on the Combayn sustainability platform. The software solution forms the interface between the BVR, the banks and the project partner (Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald) and its members, who provide the required areas. The orders of the participating banks are processed and distributed automatically and displayed transparently on the platform for the respective partners.

Tree planting campaign

Campaign based tree planting

with BayWa technology and Stihl chainsaws

Under the motto: Buy a Stihl chainsaw, we'll plant a tree for you! Together we help the German forest - approx. 3000 Stihl chainsaws were sold during the campaign period from 20.12.21 - 31.03.22. The planting of the trees took place successfully in the spring of 2022 in Middle Franconia on Gut Dürrenmungenau together with Mr. Hans Ludwig Körner (forest owner and managing director of the Bavarian Forest Owners Association). With this action we could contribute to the reforestation of the forest area damaged by a beetle infestation. In addition, we would like to raise public awareness that the forest is indispensable for climate protection and the reduction of CO2 emissions. 

Rupert Schmid BAYOLA Erzeugergemeinschaft GmbH
Note: The former term "Initiative Klimalandwirt" corresponds to the current "BayWa Carbon Service I Naturacker".

"Sustainable production in the regional consumer environment is the supreme discipline"

Bayola Erzeugergemeinschaft GmbH supports BayWa Carbon Service I Naturacker

The managing director of Bayola Erzeugergemeinschaft GmbH - producer of Bavarian rapeseed oil - Rupert Schmid was quickly convinced to support the  Naturacker initiative. Through many years of experience in the marketing of agricultural end products, he knows the challenging consumer demands very well. "Consumers no longer buy with just the proverbial eye, but increasingly want to consume with a clear conscience. This includes the fact that the circumstances of how a product is produced have become more significant for the buyer's decision." In addition, regionality, local "visibility" and trust in the people who produce the product are now at least as important, according to the managing director. 

Note: With immediate effect, the "combayn" brand appears under the new name "BayWa Carbon Services".