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Green electricity

Mitigate your corporate Scope 2 emissions with green electricity certificates of origin.

The purchase of renewable energy in Europe is documented and tracked by so-called guarantees of origin. By purchasing green electricity certificates of origin, companies can prove that they have purchased renewable energy and thereby reduce their corporate Scope 2 (insetting) emissions.

green electricity

Obtain green electricity certificates of origin via BayWa Carbon Services

Our broad access to the European energy market allows us to offer you the full range of high-quality green electricity certificates of origin. This applies to all European countries, and to all common technologies such as solar, wind, hydro, bioenergy as well as geothermal energy.

We are also happy to address special quality requirements, e.g. regarding "OK Power Label" or "Green electricity Gold Label".

In the further course of the page you will learn more about green electricity and the transmission and use in your own company.

Green electricity

What is green electricity?

Green electricity is fed into the utility grid in the same way as conventional (gray) electricity if it is produced by a European plant. For each megawatt hour fed into the grid, a certificate of origin is issued, also known in Europe as a "Guarantee of Origin" (GO). This certificate documents the location and type of energy production.

Register of guarantees of origin

Register of guarantees of origin

The guarantees of origin are stored in a special digital register, the guarantee of origin register. In Germany, this register is maintained by the Federal Environment Agency. In the European single market, guarantees of origin can be traded across national borders thanks to the association of country registers (known as the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB)).

Use of certificates of origin

Transferability and use of guarantees of origin

Guarantees of origin are in principle freely transferable between registry accounts until they are used by an end user. As soon as an end user uses a certificate, it is cancelled or decommissioned in his name. The corresponding registry entry serves as evidence for claims such as the consumption share of renewable energy and the level of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.

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