Emission compensation for PCF

Offsetting emissions in the supply chain

Uniform quality standards for emissions offsetting in the supply chain

One challenge in the realization of the climate strategy is the lack of transparency of measures to neutralize and compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions along our own supply chain. By linking our proprietary BayWa Carbon Connect software with a cross-supply chain Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) solution such as Siemens SiGreen, we take the traceability of emissions offsetting measures in the supply chain to a new level. This collaborative solution enables companies and their supplier network to record their carbon footprint at the product level and track it until it is offset.

Smart solutions for key issues

  • Compensate or neutralize?

    Do my suppliers offset or neutralize their products in terms of emissions?

    The combination of BayWa Carbon Connect and cross-supply chain PCF software helps you find out whether your supplier offsets or neutralizes its products. This innovative connection provides precise information on your supplier's handling of the issue and its upstream measures for emissions reduction and avoidance.

  • Quality level

    At what quality level does emissions offsetting take place at my suppliers?

    Linking BayWa Carbon Connect with PCF software ensures that the level of carbon offset projects within the supply chain meets the defined supply chain-specific quality standard. This allows increased confidence to be placed in suppliers' carbon offsetting activities. 

  • Decarbonization, neutralization and compensation

    How do decarbonization, neutralization and offsetting relate to each other in my supply chain?

    The relationship between decarbonization, neutralization and offsetting in your supply chain can vary and depends on the individual strategies and measures of the actors involved. The software combination gives you clarity on the relationship and focus of these different aspects in your supply chain.

Interview photo
From (l.) to (r.): Sven Quartier (Project Management, BayWa), Dr. Gunter Beitinger (SVP Manufacturing, Factory Digitalization & Sigreen, Siemens ) and Steffen Winkler (Head of BayWa Carbon Connect, BayWa).

Siemens and BayWa drive forward CO2-optimized production

"Until now, companies could only trust the neutralization and compensation measures of their own supply chain to a limited extent due to a lack of transparency. I am convinced that with the combination of BayWa Carbon Connect and Sigreen, we are paving the way for uniform quality standards within the supply chain and thus initiating an important transformation step towards credible emissions offsetting in the industry,"

Steffen Winkler, Business Unit Lead IT Products and Services at BayWa AG and Head of BayWa Carbon Services.


Would you also like to introduce uniform quality standards in emissions offsetting in the supply chain and learn more about the project with Siemens?

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