Our cooperation partners

We have these strong partners at our side.

In addition to our network, we have established and expanded valuable cooperations with which we are in regular exchange and mutually benefit from synergies. Note: BayWa Carbon Services cooperation partners are solely responsible for their published content.


Siemens AG | SiGreen

With Sigreen, Siemens already enables its customers to determine and exchange product-specific emissions throughout entire supply chains based on real data. This allows manufacturing companies along the value chain to quantify the effectiveness of measures such as the use of renewable energy, resource conservation, and shorter transportation routes. To enhance data reliability, Siemens relies on cryptographic keys and the involvement of independent certification authorities. Sigreen is part of the open, interoperable Siemens Xcelerator portfolio.

As part of a pilot project, Siemens and BayWa are integrating Siemens' emissions management software, Sigreen, with BayWa's software for emissions offsetting, BayWa Carbon Connect.


CAS AG | Sustain:Data

CAS AG offers consulting and implementation services in the SAP, Salesforce and integration environment. In addition, it develops its own solutions. One of them is Sustain:Data, which allows you to measure and make transparent your company's sustainability data.
"Sustainable business has always been a very high priority for CAS AG, just like social responsibility. We are very pleased to be able to leverage both our expertise and our outstanding connections in retail companies to promote and make environmental performance transparent through our collaboration with BayWa." Frank Austel, Sector Manager Retail at CAS AG

Steffen Winkler, Business Unit Manager IT Products & Services at BayWa, is excited about the new partnership: "The interaction of BayWa Carbon Services and CAS AG's Sustain:Data platform gives retailers the opportunity to take the transparency and profile of their sustainability commitment to the next level, to appeal to consumers on a new emotional level through the regional approach and to establish themselves as pioneers."


VISTA GmbH | Satellite monitoring

For 25 years, VISTA GmbH has been developing scientifically based, proprietary methods and models for agriculture and hydrology based on optical and radar remote sensing data.
With the help of these products and services, farmers can use smart farming and precision farming methods to estimate the need for agronomic measures in a more targeted manner and optimize the use of inputs (seed, fertilizer, crop protection, etc.) on the land on a small scale, thus increasing the sustainability of agricultural land use.
The collaboration with BayWa will make these products and services available to the broader market. Many of these services can also be used for MRV (monitoring, reporting, validation) purposes in sustainability and environmental protection projects in agriculture. In close cooperation with BayWa, we are developing an MRV tool for the BayWa Carbon Services natural acre.


RSS - Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH | Satellite Monitoring

RSS - Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH is one of the leading German companies in the field of earth observation. Services include satellite image processing, thematic mapping, environmental monitoring and spatio-temporal analysis of natural hazards. State-of-the-art remote sensing technologies and innovative data processing methods are used. With its 20 years of business experience in earth observation projects, RSS precisely supports the technical implementation and monitoring of BayWa Carbon Services sustainability projects.